Scripps Seaside Forum | La Jolla | Katharine + Farid’s Wedding Photography

February 22, 2021

Katharine and Farid met freshman year of college, lived in the same dorm, with Katharine on the 5th floor and Farid on the 6th.  Farid denies that he stalked Katharine, but Katharine say “we all know he plays the long game”.  After many messages left on Katharine’s cell (including rapping and singing in Spanish), late-night food runs, and visits to Katharine’s home in San Diego during school breaks, Katharine was finally open to the idea of being together (with no labels of course).  Fast-forward 15 years (yes, literally), Farid sealed the deal! One week prior to their ten-year college reunion, Farid surprised Katharine with a trip to New Haven and their old stomping grounds. In the courtyard of the residential college where they first met, Farid popped the question – and Katharine said yes (with no contingencies)! These two enjoy hiking and other outdoor activities. Being together and traveling the world fill their hearts. 

Coordinator: First Comes Love

Venue: Scripps Seaside Forum

Videography: Blue Tiger Films

DJ: DJ Michael Cabrera

Catering: The LOT La Jolla

Florist: Organic Elements 

Makeup: Lindsay Ann Makeup

Hair: Beauty Ever After

Photography: ABM Photography

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