Grand Tradition Estate | Fallbrook | Alana + Dante’s Wedding Photography

March 6, 2021

Dante and Alana have known each other for awhile now… they actually went to middle and high school together. Never crossing paths at that time but knew of each other. In 2017 they both attended a mutual friend’s birthday party. Alana actually wasn’t going to go but changed her mind at the last minute. That is where Dante and Alana first started to get to know each other. I bet she was so happy she changed her mind. They started playing video games online together which lead to them to eventually going on dates. Alana loves that Dante always has a positive outlook on life He is the voice of reason to all Alana’s crazy ideas. Dante always knows just what to say or do to make Alana laugh. Dante loves Alana’s generosity. Her willingness to help others is an inspiration to Dante and that is what he loves most about her. Dante also loves that Alana is a big dreamer with ambitions to make those dreams a reality.  These two are amazing together! They love playing video games, going for walks with their dog, and spending time with the families.

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