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I love photography because it allows me to freeze time and illustrate moments that will be shared and treasured for generations to come. Photography is a field that is so rewarding and constantly evolving - it's truly a great adventure!


I see life in angles, lighting and lines of perspectives. Each and every day is full of beautiful moments and images when your heart is open. I feel so lucky that I get to live creatively and push the scope of my experience.


There is something magical about capturing the unexpected moments and reactions that make each couple’s wedding unique. For me the candid moments of the wedding day are the most important images I can take, so I am constantly on the lookout.



Witnessing and documenting a couple’s love and commitment is truly an honor and a joy. I love photographing the many great candid moments throughout a wedding day, but my favorite time is when I find the perfect light and background to create a beautiful relaxed portrait. 

ABM's story is simple! It started with a couple of friends drinking more than a couple of beers, sharing stories in a North Park loft. Although coming from different photographic backgrounds, there was one thing that we shared...the overwhelming passion for the photo-journalistic style of wedding photography.  We have a huge passion for our craft and we are blessed to be able to make a meaningful impact on people's lives by documenting their wedding day. 

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Our goal is to create stunning imagery that blends fine-art photography, photojournalism, and casual portraits. We strive to produce a visual story of your wedding in a more emotional and artistic way. Working throughout the day with minimum direction and posing allows you to relax and remember your wedding as a day spent with family and friends.  We avoid gimmicks and cheesy trends in the effort of capturing timeless imagery that you look back out and appreciate for years to come.

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Brian loves

All I need in life to be happy is my family, the ocean and red wine!  I have a beautiful wife, 2 boys, 2 Boston Terriers and a crazy cockatoo who loves to dance. Sometimes I get jealous because he has better rhythm than I do.  When I'm not taking pictures I'm in the ocean either surfing, swimming, paddle-boarding, kayaking or spear-fishing. The only thing I like more than red wine is mustard. I love reading but I hate making time to read. And I absolutely love To Do Lists!  

Nick loves

My love for adventures and the outdoors have been with me since I was a kid. In a weird twist of fate they also have done a lot to shape me as a photographer. When I was 14 I used to read Climbing Magazine from cover to cover and always obsessed over the photos and the photographers that took them. Over 20 years later here I am photographing one of life's greatest adventures and the occasional adventure of my own. I am a photojournalist at heart and storytelling is the soul of what I do.

enna loves


After a long day of work and "toddlering" my husband and I usually unwind by gaming or watching the latest sci-fi or fantasy drama. Then, we sit there looking at photos and videos we took of our son that day and laugh about how absurd it is that as tired as we are, we still miss him when he's sleeping. We are always planning the next outdoor adventure for our little family, but I also love quiet moments at home with our two cats. Above all, I love to celebrate! Time passes so swiftly, and I love to pause everyday life and celebrate my loved ones. 

Heidi loves

An ideal day would be sleeping in late, eating the best pancakes made by my hubby, playing with my baby girl and then heading out for a little adventure- whether it be to the zoo or a walk to the park and lunch. Traveling is always awesome when we can manage it; Italy, Iceland and Germany are some of my fave places we’ve been. I love my family- my funny and honest husband and my super sweet and energetic daughter. Red wine, nachos, Netflix-ing, and gardening also make me happy.