Descanso Junction | Descanso | Coryann + Aj’s Wedding Photography

May 31, 2021

AJ proposed at Coryann’s family cabin in YellowPine Idaho. YellowPine is a teeny town (25 people year round) in the middle of Idaho that boarders National Forrest. YellowPine has been a special place in Coryann’s family for 40+ years. Since AJ and Coryann have been together, they haven’t missed a year out there! Couldn’t think of a better place to have AJ pop the question. Coryann was so surprised! She of course said “yes”!! AJ and Coryann spend quite a bit of time up in the Cuyamaca/Laguna area hiking and camping. They had driven by the Descanso Junction just about a hundred times when they finally decided to stop (no idea why, it was just on a whim). They got talking to the owner of the antique shop next door and were telling him that their previous venue cancelled their wedding due to COVID. He quickly showed them the new outback area that the Descanso Junction was redoing for weddings and the owner just happened to be there. One thing led to another and they were all booked to tie the knot at the Descanso Junction.

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