Steele Canyon | Jamul | Ashley + Austin’s Wedding Photography

November 5, 2019

Ashley and Austin have lived about a block from each other their whole lives and went to the same schools!  They knew of each other, but didn’t really meet till long after graduation. Their first hang out was going to the movies. Ashley loved how relaxed Austin was! Austin noticed how calm Ashley was and how she handles situations. She was very flexible to change and Austin loved that! Austin planned a trip to Disneyland and took Ashley to her favorite spot in the park, she thought they were taking a picture and when she turned around Austin had a ring out and asked Ashley to marry him. Ashley was so shocked!!! She just kissed him and didn’t really answer the question for a few hours later! Of course it was a huge “YES”! These two love to plan little trips as a family to Seaworld and the beach. They both love to be out and about!

Venue: Steele Canyon Golf Club

DJ: DJ Guy

Officiant: Paul Frye

Photo Booth: The Foto Box


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