Twin Oaks House | San Marcos | Lori + Nate’s Wedding Photography

October 22, 2019

Lori and Nate met each other one night while both at a tavern in Pacific Beach! The rest is their history… needless to say they liked each other haha! Nate was falling for Lori because she was always very caring and he liked that she made sure that Nate was taken care of – whether he’d had a rough day, or was sick, or Nate just wanted to get home, she’s always there for him. He started to realize that the best part of his day was coming home and getting to be with her. For the big proposal they went to Maui-Hawaii for a week trip for Lori’s birthday in October 2018. They did excursions every day. For Lori’s birthday, the Friday before they left, they had planned on attending a Luau. In the morning, as they got ready for breakfast and ready to walk out the door, Nate got down on one knee and asked. It was Lori’s birthday so she had no idea. Lori says, “Nate is a very good listener, and he looks forward to hanging out with me, he enjoys my company as much as I do his, which makes me feel very special and appreciated.” She of course said “yes.”  These two enjoy going to the movies, watching movies at home, trying out new breweries, going to Padres games, spending time with their dog (walking & playing with him in the backyard), running races (half marathons and relay races), and trying out new restaurants. 

Venue: Twin Oaks House

DJ: Allen Walker Entertainment

Florist: Allium Rose Florals

Hair + Makeup: Megan Moutaw/M-Salon

Cake: Cute Cakes Bakery


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