Grand Tradition | Fallbrook | Jacqueline + David’s Wedding Photography

November 19, 2019

Jacqueline and David met at a non-profit organization they were a part of a few years ago. The non-profit hosts a yearly tasting benefit event and during cleanup, David saw Jacqueline and went over to help her carry a bucket of ice water out back. The handle broke and David ended up spilling heavy cold ice water all over Jacqueline (and himself too). You know, the kind of stuff love stories are made of. Well this was the start of their love story! These two enjoy the simple things in life. They enjoy things like binge watching a show. Beach days are nice. Hanging out with friends and spending time together! David asked for Jacqueline’s hand in marriage (well… he had 3 solid attempts) the last one was perfect! A month after the Palm Springs failure, they had a Cabo trip planned already so David decided it’s happening, no matter what. Last night, there’s a meteor shower.. Perfect! They make plans to go for a walk on the beach late at night to see the meteor shower. 10pm… Jackie falls asleep…. … … 11pm, David wakes her up, THEY ARE GOING ON THAT WALK! Haha, so they go… then they sit at these cabanas. Jackie goes to sleep…. (SIGH) 11:45… Okay they can go back to the room now but first…………. “I’ve been trying to ask you for a while now… yes, please sit up for this……” and that’s that. Like David said, the stuff love stories are made of… persistence. It’s hard to say or pick some one thing specific that makes their love story so beautiful. They just are comfortable, They laugh a lot (usually at one another), or just do silly things together. It just feels right with them? They compliment each other.

Venue: Grand Tradition Estate


Cake: Cute Cakes

Florist: Finishing Touch

Hair + Makeup: Kelly Zhang Studio

Photo-Booth: Magic Mirror Photo Booth

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