Luce Loft

Luce Loft is located within the historic Carnation Dairy Building, which was built in 1927 to produce milk, ice cream, and Christmas eggnog. The Carnation Building was designated as a Historical Landmark in 1990.

Luce Loft is a beautiful vintage loft space located in the ball park district of Downtown San Diego. Luce Loft is the perfect venue for your wedding reception, corporate event, or birthday party.

Luce Loft is a beautiful urban event space located in Downtown San Diego.  Housed within the historic 1928 Carnation Dairy Factory, Luce Loft specializes in hosting Wedding Receptions, Corporate Events, Birthday Parties and other Private Events.

For more information please send us an email to INFO@LUCELOFT.COM and include the following information:

What type of event are you looking to host?  How many invited guests?  What dates are you considering? 

Contact: Sales + Catering

(619) 630 - 5570