Step outside the cookie cutter ballroom and into a space that allows you the freedom to get creative. 

BRICK's expansive interior exudes charm, texture, originality and character. It’s large, open and raw, yet at the same time, contemporary, clean and cozy. Vaulted ceilings give you room to breathe. The original brick walls give you a natural but urban feel that’s unique to any event space. And, with over 100 windows, there is abundant natural light to create an incredible ambiance. 

Celebrate long into the night under the soft glow of market lights with 24 hour rental periods and dine on the delectable food from the caterer of your choosing. 

Welcome to the BRICK experience.

Services Included:

10am start time
Bring any vendor
Up to 300 guests
Market Lights
24 Hour Rental
Client Concierge

Optional Services:

Beverage Service
Photo Booth

 Jessica G. had this to say on Yelp:


The place is beautiful, you get it for 24 hours, and you can pretty much do anything with it (within reason and as long as your vendors can provide insurance, which is fair). We used some of their epic vendors and loved them! (JD musik, A MIHO experience, Barcon, VG donuts, Folklore rentals)

Last year as I started wedding planning and searched for a venue, I just wasn't into places that had all inclusive packages because it just didn't feel like me - they were super formal with stiff fancy linens and things, with boring food (sorry not sorry). My friend at work mentioned she has recently attended a wedding at Brick and the couple had Phils BBQ at their reception - I was hooked. I quickly went on their website, sent an inquiry request, quickly got a reply, went in for a meeting, and BOOM! we booked our venue! Shout out to my friend for planting that seed! The fact that I could have my dog there was probably one of the biggest deciding factors.

If you are lucky enough to book your event/wedding with Brick, the biggest favor you can do yourself is to hire BRICK COORDINATION. Ashleigh was nothing short of an angel sent from heaven to help make my wedding dreams come true and take my stress away. There are a million things that go into planning and coordinating one of the most important days of your life, and having a professional team execute that for you is worth every penny and more. Ashleigh and the Brick coordination team worked incredibly hard and were so patient with me during the entire process. They are truly the wedding dream team."

Contact: Victoria LaHood

(951) 956 - 6539