Porto de Vista Hotel | Little Italy | Jessica + Carl’s Wedding Photography

February 12, 2020

Carl and Jessica met while both visiting friends in Northern Ireland- Carl noticed Jessica getting into a taxi, offered his social media account. Jessica bargained she would exchange her information for a guaranteed tour of England. Carl agreed.  I love that! These two are already making compromises!  They hit it off and started dating… these two love exploring parts of the world together, they’ve built quite an adventure so far!  They also enjoy nights in on the sofa with a good old film and snacks. Trying new food is also fun for Jessica and Carl, but Jessica pushes to try foods out of Carl’s comfort zone, but no complaints from Carl so far! Carl hadn’t met Jessica’s parents in person yet, but he knew that he had to make Jessica his wife! Carl felt at the time they were a perfect match, so he asked her parents for her hand in marriage and with their blessing on his visit in June 2019. Carl surprised Jessica in the hotel they were staying at in Sedona, AZ. Carl got her to the hotel room and told her ” How much you mean to me and I can’t see anyone else in my future, but you” Then he said “can you do me favor” she replied ” you want me to move my leg” Carl replied to her “No! Will you marry me”. Jessica of course said “yes”. For their honeymoon they are headed to Tokyo! Carl booked it as a surprise for Christmas for Jessica, because she has always told him how she want to visit the far east. 

Venue: Porto Vista Hotel

Catering: Danna Garcia Catering

Florist: Allen’s Florist


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