Los Willows Wedding Estate | Fallbrook | Ann Marie + Joey’s Wedding Photography

January 16, 2023

Joey and Ann Marie initially started talking on Plenty of Fish in May of 2013, they had great conversations about their passions in life,  and what they want from their future. Ann Marie was new to online dating and went on one date that didn’t go so well so she decided she wasn’t cut out for online dating and cancelled her profile. She listened to some friends who had some success so she decided to give it another try. Ann Marie came across this guy’s profile who seemed like a good guy. The evening of our date she had to take Buddy to the vet so Ann Marie thought she was going to have to cancel on him. He made the right choice and invited Buddy on the date and even bought him a doggy meal. They had a great dinner and even better conversation. Joey talked about how much his family means to him which resonated with Ann Marie because she feels the same way about her family.

The next day at work Ann Marie remembers a texting conversation they had where she told him that she couldn’t stop smiling and her co-workers must of thought she was crazy.

Venue: Los Willows Wedding Estate

Coordinator: Peachy Keen Weddings

DJ: Pacific Entertainment

Catering: Redtail Catering

Cake: Elegance on Display

Florist: HCD Weddings & Events

Hair + Makeup: Unique & Flawless

Photography + Video: ABM Photography

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