Grand Tradition Estate | Fallbrook | Max + Heather’s Wedding Photography

October 14, 2019

Max and Heather met in such a cool way… they were both karate instructors in Poway. They taught adults, children, and sparring so they literally met kicking each other’s butts. These two were friends first then Heather asked Max out through text message. Max said “yes” (I love the Heather asked Max out… way to go girl) and they have been together since Heather was 14 and Max was 16. Heather loves Max’ confidence, his ability to think on his feet and not really let anything stop him. What Heather really thinks they both love about each other is their willingness to dream big, they both have these visions of what they want in their lives and what they are willing to do as a team to strive to make these goals happen. Heather and Max are the best team! They enjoy going places they never been just exploring for the sake of exploring and seeing new things. They love to walk on the beach and watch people go by. Max and Heather love going to the river and spending that time with friends riding quads and jet ski’s. They also love going to the movies and quoting everything from my cousin Vinny to Deadpool. The quirkiest thing about Heather and Max is all the things they will do to make each other laugh. Whether its just making faces or max’s impromptu songs. They love being the center of attention and the life of the party. 

Venue: Grand Tradition Estate

DJ: Becks Entertainment

Cake: The French Gourmet

Florist: Unique Inspiration

Hair + Makeup: Blushed by Marie


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