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September 7, 2016

I want to take a moment to be frank and honest! Many people say to me, “I love your photos, you were so great to work with, etc…” I always smile graciously and say Thank You, but the truth is there are a number of incredible people deserve as much, if not more, credit than I do. So, I thought it would be a nice to pay homage to the entire team that has skyrocketed ABM Photography to one of the most prolific wedding photography companies in Southern California in record time!

The A List

These awesome people touch, in some way, every product or service that goes out the door.

Nick Mantzel – It is hard to be serious talking about this guy because we are such close friends. But he is such a talented photographer and a great guy! Also he is the fastest “culler” west of the Mississippi. (Culling is the term used for selecting the images to be edited) Not to mention our daily banter provides the right amount of humor to make the day go by fast!

Kellie Smith – Although Kellie is relatively new to our studio as the studio manager, she has been in the biz longer than all of us. She is the super glue that holds the studio together by answering most emails, scheduling everything (1st consultation, final consultation, pickups, etc), backing up client images, 1st round of editing and I can’t forget watering the succulent garden and picking up Starbucks from time to time.

Jenna Coy – Jenna is our newest member of the photography team, but she fits in like a glove here! We are blown away by her ability to adapt to our signature style and her incredible positive energy is intoxicating! Also, thanks for putting up with the madness that is our wedding season this year!

The B List

Our incredibly talented group of regular 2nd shooters!

Thank you so much everyone for working so hard, showing up early to every event! Thank you for adhering to our semi strict guidelines and turning in the annoying invoices 🙂 In no particular order:  Heather EliseBethany Rose, and Sergey Martinovich are simply the best!

The C-List

The rarely seen but ever so important group of folks that keep the machine running smooth.

Melissa Ford from Melissa’s Bookkeeping Service, Mark Pembrook from San Juan Financial Group for anything and everything tax related, Steve Miao from Miao Rentals for providing an awesome studio and all the interns that have helped over the years (Michael DrummondRachel MartinezVernon Trevor Gerzen and Sergey Martinovich).

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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