The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe | Rancho Santa Fe | Kelley + Jason’s Wedding Photography

November 6, 2019

Jason and Kelley met at a musical festival in downtown San Diego called Ye Scallywag. Jason at the time was living with a friend of Kelley’s from college that Kelley hadn’t seen in a couple years. When Kelley saw their mutual friend Kelley stopped to say “hi” and he introduced us. Nothing much came of that meeting and she that she thought Jason was cute! Kelley had to take matters into her own hands and tracked him down on Instagram and “dropped into his DM’s” and won him over 🙂 They went out on one date that turned into two… which became a relationship! They just enjoy each others company. As long as they are laughing they are good. These two adventure a lot. They turn weekend plans into elaborate adventures of road trips. Kelley and Jason love the outdoors and being outdoors. they also love going to concerts (once a month) and sporting events.They can also sit at home and bing a new series. Hardly matters what these souls do… as long was they are two! They got engaged in Mykonos on a boys trip (yep a BOYS trip). Jason and his friends for the better part of a year were planning a trip to Europe to go chase the European soccer league and catch some games live. Kelley invited herself on this trip because it sounded like something she didn’t want to miss. She threw Mykonos into the mix for the two of them to wander off to for a few days. Another friend on the trip wanted to come along as well. Jason had the proposal night all planned out at a bar set up on the cliffs that Kelley had discovered before the trip. A few things go into the way of the plans so it didn’t happen as expected. Instead of those plans he proposed to her in bed the next morning. He slipped the ring  into Kelley’s hand while she was still sleeping. It was the best proposal for Kelley; personal and sweet. 

Coordinator: Sweet Blossom Weddings

Venue: The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe

DJ: Dancing DJ Productions

Cake + Desserts: VG’s Donuts

Florist: Intentional Blooms

Hair: Kayti Schmitz

Makeup: Elizabeth Root


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