Twin Oaks Estate | San Marcos | Katya + Sunny’s Wedding Photography

Katya and Sunny met in college, actually in a chemistry lab, they were working at for a summer. Katya and Sunny then became study buddies, working late nights in the science library working together, they would order food and chat about their families and slowly became really good friends. They didn’t start dating until their 100 days to graduation dance after over 2 years of being friends. After years of friendship and then dating Sunny was ready to ask for her hand in marriage. He took Katya down to the beach in Mexico. Sunny had planned to get there just before dusk but unfortunately Katya insisted on getting a coconut on their way back from sightseeing which delayed them by half an hour and it was starting to get dark. Because of this, as soon as they walked onto the beach, Katya was blinded by flashes of light coming from behind a bush. Sunny and Katya sat down in the sand and Sunny asked Katya why she was being so quiet and “awkward”. Katya’s response “Well its weird because there is some creeper in the bushes taking pictures of us”. The Jig was up, at that point Sunny got down to one knee and asked her to marry him. She said yes and the “creeper” or Katya’s Brother and his new wife came running out of the bushes with champagne in hand. Everyone toasted and then jumped into the ocean! That’s too funny!!!

Venue: Twin Oaks Estate

Catering: Twin Oaks Estate

Videography: Albert Halim

Dj: Allen Walker

Florist: Suzan M. Florals

Make-Up: Shelby McElroy

Hair: Carly Vaeena

San Diego Courthouse | San Diego | Ashley + Fernando’s Wedding Photography

Ashley and Fernando had a sweet, romantic ceremony with close friends and family at the San Diego Courthouse! After their “I do’s” we walking around by the fountain’s and the embarcadero for some romantic shots of just Ashley and Fernando… what a great day!

Scripps Seaside Forum | La Jolla | Emilija + John’s Wedding Photography

There were so many elements to this wedding that we absolutely loved.  Emilija and John’s pit bulls Frankie and Goldie served as the ring bearers and for a little comic relief during the wedding.  A totally new tradition taken from Emilija’s home country of Serbia is the stomping of the foot (probably has a better name than that).  After the vows are stated whoever stomps on the others foot first is said to become the wearer of the pants in the family.  John, not being Serbian, was at a slight disadvantage but seemed totally fine with the love of his life winning the challenge.

Scripps Seaside Forum is always a great venue to plan the perfect day around, but a great wedding venue is only as great as the party it hosts and THESE. GUYS. PARTIED!  Emilja and John had a beautiful first dance which was set to Salsa and really kicked the night off.  Half the guests were exceptional salsa dancers and the other half had no problems coming up with their own creative moves on the dance floor.  We have had way too much fun working with this couple:)

All Hallows Catholic Church | Estancia La Jolla | La Jolla | Bernise + Mike’s Wedding Photography

Bernise and Mike are so sweet, what a great couple. Plus Bernise looked simply amazing in her wedding dress. Wow!! Estancia La Jolla was the perfect fit for this couple.  We love the old-world fell that Estancia creates. Bernise and Mike held their Ceremony at All Hallows Catholic Church. The church has a beautiful stained glass backdrop that is simply stunning. Then we went back to Estancia for the Reception, full of love and laughter. With great friends and family. Bernise and Mike truly have it all. And a special Thank you to Melissa Reinke at Sweet Blossom Events for another timeless and gorgeous event.

Venue: Estancia La Jolla

Coordinator: Sweet Blossom Events

Florist: Wholesale Florists

Church: All Hallows Catholic Church

Loews Coronado | Coronado | Prince + Kiki’s Wedding Photography

Kiki and Prince had such an amazing event at Loews Coronado… Full of colorful flowers and beautiful entire from all their guests. Loews Coronado Bay has natural water in every direction, lush gardens, breathtaking ocean, bay and city views, sparkling night skies and refreshing mountain-range air. It’s a wonderful venue for such a fabulous people like Kiki and Prince. Sweet Blossom Events had another epic wedding. So glad we got a chance to be apart of a special day with two wonderful people.Venue: Loews Coronado Bay Resort

Coordinator: Sweet Blossom Weddings