Maderas Golf Club | San Diego | Gabby + Ryan’s Wedding Photography

September 22, 2016

It was back in 2014 while both in San Luis Obispo, CA. For the past 3 weeks (really 5 years) he had been focused exclusively on obtaining his Masters in Accounting from Cal Poly and not looking for a woman to share his life with. At the conclusion of exams that day, Ryan wanted to get to know some classmates, some which he knew were headed downtown to celebrate, and so, Ryan walked downtown alone, with no idea what would become of that night. Gabby was also busy herself, managing the operations of a growing saddle pad manufacturing company for the past 7 years. She ventured downtown that night to celebrate with her roommate and best friend, Katie, who was also in the Masters in Accounting program.

In a moment that seems predestined to them both now, Ryan spotted Katie on the main street downtown and recognized her from class. Katie told him that her friends were at a nearby bar and that he should come join. The second he walked in, their eyes were fixated on each other. Time stood still. Ryan shook hands with all of Katie’s friends but for some reason (called love at first sight) he and Gabby embraced one another, as if they had known each other from another life.They spent the whole night together talking about their lives, their goals, their dreams. Little did they know that these would become forever intertwined in the beautiful phenomenon called love and marriage.  After years of dating Ryan took Gabby to Avila Beach, where Gabby was living when they met. They spent a lot of time there and created some of their best memories (playing with their dogs, going for long walks in the morning or at sunset). As they walked down the beach to a more private section, Ryan told Gabby all the reasons why he fell in love with her. Then he got down on his knee and presented the ring and asked, Gabby, will you marry me?” Gabby’s response: “Of course!” They picked Maderas Golf Club to host their event because they both have a deep passion for Golf! What a perfect fit!!


Venue: Maderas Golf Club

Videography: ABM Visuals

Catering: Maderas Golf Club

Florist: Elena Andrews at Inn Florals

Cake: Eccentric International Chefs

Mantzel Coy

  1. Sharon Nixon

    September 23rd, 2016 at 10:29 am

    These are the most beautiful wedding pictures I think I have ever seen. Of course , the subjects are beautiful people as well.

  2. Jean Fox

    September 30th, 2016 at 6:20 pm

    Excellent! Nicely done!

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